Review of replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234R

In 2015, Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time to bring a strong and fresh youthful style to this classic brand. This year in Baselworld 2018, Patek Philippe has released the first Calatrava Pilot Travel Time female form 7234R, the Rose gold case, the second time zone, the military-style hands and hour markers, and the two huge buttons on the left, full of youthful atmosphere.

The 7234 comes in 4N rose gold with a brown sunburst dial that complements the gold’s tone perfectly.

The size is just outstanding and I imagine a lot of other conservative watch lovers will also enjoy it like I did. The movement is still the same as what you’d find in the 5524G, the caliber 324 S C FUS.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234 was introduced in 2018 as a smaller alternative to the 2015 5524. The dial display is the same as the 5524G/R and has the minutes, hours, and third hand to differentiate the second time zone. The subsidiary dial is there for the date, and if you want to know if it is night or day you can check the local and home indicators on either side of the handset.

Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time 5524 rose gold 1

The ref. 7234R is the Pilot Travel Time for ladies is 37.5mm in diameter, in contrast to the 42mm men’s model. Both are powered by the same movement, the self-winding cal. 324 S C FUS. That makes the ref. 7234R the first automatic Travel Time for ladies, with the earlier models having been hand-wound. selling all kind replica Patek Philippe Calatrava watches,this new model will come soon on june 2018,and it may powered by a Japanese automatic movement with perfect functions,with the 1:1 look ,welcome to buy other brands replica watches at

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